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This page includes links to audios and videos of the band from various locations and dates. Some of the A/V has been provided by amateur sources, and therefore the quality may not be at a professional level. However, we believe that they are a valuable, and we hope entertaining, addition to the band's historical record. To play an audio or video, simply click on the "Title" (see below for A/V player requirements, and for notes regarding downloading).

This page also offers samples of our music taken from several of our CDs. All of the music is in MP3 format. Links for two versions are available: (1) a low FM-quality (64kbps) version, for those visitors with a slow modem connection; and (2) a CD-quality (128kbps) version, for those visitors with high-speed DSL or Cable Modem connections, indicated as follows:

"LoFi" Version
(FM Radio quality)

"HiFi" Version
(CD quality)

Other samples will be added as time allows. Please enjoy the music.

Location Title Format
2009 Recording Session
Ron L'Herault, a friend of the band, came to our latest recording session to take photos. We also got this short video and the only editing was to substitute the audio from the CD master.
Nothing Blues YouTube Video
Live performance
Sherborn Inn MA, on May 10th 2012
Bugle Boy March YouTube Video
Live performance
Sherborn Inn MA, on May 10th 2012
The Old Stomping Ground YouTube Video


40th Anniversary 3-CD Set

"UNH Folsom Prison Mix"

      (LoFi file size=2.5MB; HiFi file size=5.0MB)
"Special Delivery Blues"
      (LoFi file size=3.1MB; HiFi file size=6.2MB)

Media Player Requirements
To play an audio or video, your browser will require a media player, as indicated by the specified format of the video. If you do not have the required player, you can download it via the appropriate link in the following list:
click here for the "Quick Time Player" download
click here for the "Windows Media Player" download

Downloading notes
If the audio or video does not instantly play when you click on the link, be patient. The download time is dependent upon the size of the file and the speed of your connection, and could take several minutes.


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